About the Survey

The purpose of this survey is to better understand the sex lives and relationships of couples where one partner has ADHD and one partner does not have ADHD (sometimes called ADD--we use ADHD to refer to both). There is no research data on this important topic. We would like to better understand it so that we can help these couples have better sex lives and relationships overall. We are looking for responses from partners with ADHD and partners without ADHD. We would like to see what is similar and perhaps what is different.


Therefore, in order to get the clearest results, we are limiting this survey to:

  •  Adults who are currently in a relationship where one partner has ADHD and one does not.

  • The ADHD was diagnosed by an appropriate professional: psychologist, psychiatrist, neurologist, other physician, counselor, social worker, etc.

We are going to be asking questions about potentially sensitive information, some of which you may feel uncomfortable answering. Therefore, we appreciate your willingness to participate in this important survey and ask that you be as honest and accurate as possible, especially when that means giving an answer that you feel is less socially desirable.

Rest assured that all the information collected from this survey will be anonymous and no identifying data will be collected.


On October 15, 2015, I did a teleclass where I shared the initial results of this survey. You are more than welcome to still take the survey, since it may be useful, over the course of the analysis, for me to go back and look further at the data. Having these additional responses can be helpful at those times. In appreciation for taking your time, at the end of the survey pages, you can get access to that recording to hear what the overall results have been so far.

You can also now read the book that is based on the survey results!: ADHD After Dark: Better Sex Life, Better Relationship, as well as listen to some of the presentations and podcast interviews where I talk about the results at adultADHDbook.com/speaking/.


If you have any questions, feel free to email Ari Tuckman, PsyD, MBA at Ari@TuckmanPsych.com.

Thanks to My Friends

First of all, I would like to thank Melissa Orlov; Roberto Olivardia, PhD; Deb Rowley, MSW; Stephanie Sarkis, PhD; and Heather Tuckman, PsyD for offering useful suggestions on improving the survey.


I would also like to thank the following folks for helping to spread the word about this survey, so we could get enough responses to have wothwhile results:

It's good to have great friends!

And Now the Survey!

In order to make the survey look good on all platforms, it is hosted on the SurveyMonkey site. Click the link below to go to the survey and it will then re-direct you back here once you are done.




Responses are saved each time you click Next at the bottom of each page. If you don't have time to finish it in one sitting, you can leave the tab open and then come back, but be mindful of who else may use this computer. Probably best to just do it all at once. . .