First, Thank You!

You are the reason why this survey was a success. I put a lot of work into creating this survey and a number of other people helped spread the word about it, but without your willingness to put in the time and to share your sometimes very intimate information, none of that other work would have meant anything. I hope you found the survey at least interesting to take and hopefully also that it spurred some useful thought and discussions with your partner. I've been hard at work analyzing the data--and with almost 3000 respondents, there is a lot to analyze.


As promised, I want you, the folks who took the time to give me the data, to be the first to hear about it. I recorded a teleclass on October 15th, hosted by ADHD relationship expert Melissa Orlov, to announce the results. If you missed it live or if you would like to hear it again, you can get the handout and recording below.


I would encourage you to listen with your partner and then to discuss afterwards (or during) how it does or doesn't fit your situation--and perhaps some things you can do to make your relationship and sex life even better. Rest assured, I'm not going to dump a bunch of boring data on you. I will be sharing some interesting data, but with an eye towards what will be useful to know. In other wards, what are the happiest couples doing and what can we learn from them?


If you want to follow along with my slides, I have included them below. We kept it simple and just did audio (not a webinar) but you can follow along on your own if you want. To download the two audio files, click on the little blue downward arrow to the right of the title over my picture below.