ADHD Parents' Palooza

Bonus Content


As a thank you for signing up for the Palooza, I am providing a pre-publication copy of chapter five of my new book, ADHD After Dark: Better Sex Life, Better Relationship. This chapter is called Sex Makes You a Better Person and talks about how the process of keeping your sex life strong in a long-term relationship involves a lot of personal growth and relationship work. This is true for any relationship, but when one partner has ADHD, it is even more true and important.This was probably the hardest chapter to write of all my four books, since I wanted to provide something really meaningful by distilling down complex concepts without rounding down to simple platitudes. (Relationships are hard--who knew.)

The new book is based on some research I did over the last few years, looking at the sexual and relationship satisfaction of couples where one partner has ADHD and the other doesn't. You may not be surprised to know that no one has really looked at the sexual part before, even though it is an important part of overall relationship satisfaction. I felt it was too important to ignore. The book is the outgrowth of a ton of work analyzing that data. It comes out in early August and I can't wait to get it out into the world.

Click the PDF icon below to download the chapter. If you want to see more about the book and pre-order it, check out the listing on Amazon.